J.Heald Coaching - What We Do

1-2-1 sessions

We offer sessions which are run on a one-on-one basis with a player. These are sessions for players who are perhaps not getting the time to develop with their club or school coach. Sessions are tailored to the players specific needs.

Team Sessions

These are run on your team’s training mornings or evenings. We have coaches who come to you to work specially on your team’s worries and weaknesses. This works best when the whole squad is present over a number of days. Sessions are run from the club or school.

Coaching Clinics

These generally take place over the holiday period. What we look to do is get a whole squad down to these clinics and have the squad to work with over a number of days. There is no question that this speeds up their development as a team - having a good number of hours with them over several days is priceless. Every player will go away from the clinic with a Personal Development Plan on what they need to do as a player to develop, both from an individual and a team perspective. Before the start of the clinic we also like to have a video of the team playing in a fixture, to enable us to make sure that we know which areas to work on. By forming a close knit relationship with the Head Coach of the age group we plan sessions to suit the needs of the team, using h evidence we have observed on video footage of the team playing.

Coach the Coach

These are evenings where we come into a club, and through video and practical sessions we deliver a session to suit the club’s needs. These sessions are run to suit your club / coach’s requirements.
Be it breakdown or set piece, you let us know what you need us to do!
Getting Involved.
Professional Coaching
Professional Coaching

All of our coaches are approved and RFU qualified. Experience, patience and dedication ensure startling levels of improvement.
What We Do
What We Do

We work closely with all of our clients to realise every players strengths and weaknesses. Through this attention to detail we can help create stronger, more skilful players.
New Techniques
New Techniques

We are professional rugby coaches. It's what we do. It's why we are dedicated to keeping our skills and knowledge totally fresh and up to the minute.
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